Collect Memories not things

Things that matter to me back in the day have changed now. The older you get the more you realise what makes you happy. It doesn’t matter what other people think.
When I was younger I always had to have the brand named clothes. I felt that is what you had to do to be “cool”. Now I could care less what brand my clothes are. I would rather get something that looks nice rather then spend a billion dollars on a brand pair of jeans.

I spend all my money on experiences. I rather experience life then have a bunch of things. To me happiness is when I spend time traveling to new destinations. I love the feeling of being somewhere unknown and meeting new people. Traveling to me is the way I learn best. The more I travel the more I know about life. It makes you be open minded about their cultures.

Honestly you don’t need to be rich to experience life.You just need to decide what it is you want from life. I decided I wanted a life where I get out there and see the world.

If you would like a life like this, don’t get too caught up in what others are doing.Just be you! Who cares if you own nothing but some clothes. Least you will be rich in experiences from doing what you love!

Here is a quote I posted earlier today that I liked!



My list of the top places to see in Europe

Europe is a huge continent with many countries that are so close to each other. It makes it hard to decide which places to see. I have made a small list of my top places to see in Europe.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands– This destination has so much to offer! From¬†canals to famous museums and historic sites you will never be bored!¬†One of my favorite things about Amsterdam¬†are the tasty treats of “Stroopwafels” which are two waffle cookies put together with sweet syrup filling in the middle. Another thing I enjoyed while I was in Amsterdam was visiting the Anne Frank house, it is quite ¬†an incredible experience to see the house that the family hidden. One last thing that I loved about Amsterdam is how bikes are a way to get around! ¬† You will be amazed on the amount of bike paths that they have. There are even bike paths out in the country side, so you can ride your bike to another small town.¬†I could go on and on about my love for this city but I better stop while I am ahead:)


Amsterdam Netherlands May 2013


2.Rome Italy- Everyone knows the famous quote of “When in Rome”. Once you have visited here you can start saying it to all your family and friends. Rome is one of those well known cities that is on everyone’s bucket list to see. You read, see, and hear so much about Rome that when you finally get to see it, you are WOWED! From the yummy pasta to the incredible coliseum you will not be bored in this city!

3.Istanbul Turkey- When you think Istanbul, do you think of the Grand Bazar and the Blue Mosque?! These are two top things that are a must see while you visit!

4.Athens GreeceРThe number one thing that Athens has to see  is the Acroplis. It is one of those incredible experiences that you will never forget!Another amazing thing that i was able to see was the Panathenaic stadium which was where the first Olympics was held in 1896.

5.Berlin Germany– This city surprised me, I thought it would be like how it is in the movies. It is actually a very modern looking city. Since the falling of the wall in 1989 , they had to demolish and rebuild a lot of the buildings since they were in bad shape. Don’t get me wrong there is still a lot of the historic sites such as the Berlin wall and checkpoint Charlie.



Berlin Germany May 2013

6.Barcelona Spain-This city has beautiful architecture. The famous artist that has had  a huge influence on the architecture in this city is Antoni Gaudi. One of the most incredible churches is found here,Basilica Sagrada. They have been building this for years and hope to have it completed by 2026.

7.Moscow Russia- The red square is a must see. It has the famous St Basil’s Cathedral,Lenins Tomb and the famous gum department store. Another thing that is a must see when you are here are their metro stations, they are the nicest metro station you will ever see.



Moscow Russia May 2013

Why Europe!?

Why is traveling to Europe on most peoples bucket list?


From personal experience I know first hand why people want to experience Europe. It has something for everyone! I talk dearly of Europe to people, it has by far been one of my favorite places that I have been to. Ever country is unique and has much to offer. Europe has won me over with its amazing cuisine, different cultures and the incredible history it has to offer!

So by saying this, why wouldn’t it be on your list to visit?! If it isn’t on your list I have three reasons why it should be!


1. Everyone has to eat, why not eat some of the most incredible food! Each country has its own unique cuisine and wine or beer. From Italy’s pasta’s and wines to¬†Greece’s greek salads¬†and¬†baklava pastry! ¬†You will not be disappointed with the food, I¬†ate pizza at a gas station in Italy and it was probably one of the best pieces of pizza I’ve ever had. What I love about Europe, is that most food places are family owned. You will ¬†hardly see franchises, don’t get me wrong there are some but¬† there are mostly local restaurant’s, bakery’s and cafe’s. Walking into a local sandwich shop you will get the freshest bread with yummy meats and cheeses.¬† Always best to pair your European meal with a glass of wine or mug of beer!


2. Europe is ancient compared to Canada, so just imagine how much more history they have then us.¬†Everything from¬† the Roman Empire to the falling of Communism in Berlin Germany. Each country in Europe has there own historic sites that you must¬†visit. Wouldn’t it be amazing to stand in the Colosseum in Rome and be taken back the years when the gladiators fought there? What about standing on top of the Acropolis in Athens Greece!¬† Can you picture yourself standing at these historic sites?! When you are actually there it is ¬†one of those incredible feelings you have. I remember I have read about the colosseum¬†, seen so many pictures of it and to finally be there was an¬† such an awesome feeling!


3. Adventure is always a reason for people to travel. Europe is full of adventures. From the moment you step off the plane the adventure begins! If you are backpacking through Europe staying in hostels and traveling by train or traveling with a tour group both things will include many adventures. Something  you will experience in Europe are the people who speak different languages.Learning bits and pieces of each countries language is challenging but rewarding. The locals love it when you try to speak a bit of their language. Some other adventures you will encounter are cycling in Amsterdam, sailing the greek islands on a yacht, or walking through the Grand Bazaar in Turkey. What will be your adventure in Europe!?


I want to hear from you on why you want to travel to Europe?


7 Reasons to use a Travel Professional

¬†¬†¬† Many people today believe that using a travel professional to book their next vacation will cost them more money then booking online. This is actually a myth that people believe. The truth is that travel professionals will actually save you money and time. Some travel professionals charge a service fee,for booking your vacations but I actually don’t charge this service fee! So the next you are¬†looking online for a travel deal, remember that I am able to get you the same price, or possibly even lower!

Here are 7 reasons to use a Travel Professional

1.¬†Being a “travel professional” means that we are the experts on¬†many¬†different¬†destinations. We have all the newest information on where to go and when to go.¬† We can also tell you,what to do, where to stay in the destinations and where not to stay.

2.We understand the travel world lingo. This means we are trained to know the airport codes, how to read flights and so on. So you can trust us to get you to the right destination.

3.We take our time with our clients. We get to know them and find out what they are looking for on their vacation. We plan vacations based on their needs and wants. In the end you get the trip you have always wanted.

4.We work with a varity  of  different suppliers that we have  strong relationships with. Having a strong connection with our tour operators and suppliers means that we are getting reliable information and updates on destinations and tours. If something were to happen on your trip, I would be able to get it taken care of.

5. We work for you! This means anything you want for your trip we will be making it happen. If you are away on your trip you can contact me and I can help you out. Any questions or concerns before your trip, I am the one you can contact.

6. The little extras that count!¬†We can provide you with ¬†personal touches such as getting that welcome home call and email to see how your trip went!¬† We also put together a package for you¬†that has ¬†extra details on the place you are traveling to as well as baggage limitations for the plane. Who doesn’t like to feel special!?

7.We save you time! We have all the travel information at our fingertips and are able to help you in a timely matter. You already have a full time job, who has the extra time to research travel for their next vacation?We are a convenience to you since you can contact us and we will put together the complete package for your dream trip.

Next time you are planning a vacation think about all these added values that a travel professional can offer you, that an online booking site can’t.